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PVC window rollers
External PVC roller shutters are a system of rollers integrated with the window, which can be assembled while the buildings construction or windows replacement. The compatibility which is tha main characteristic for the profile systems is also very important when it comes to the rollers. Wide range of colour of the shutter boxes, guides and armours as well as drives and safety devices meet the expectation of all customers. Modern system of external roller shutters offers high level of thermal insulation up to k=0,6 W/m2K.
Thanks to the implementation of the sealing in the guides the noise while turning the rollers on has been reduced.
In order to guarantee the elegance and functionality of the rollers we guarantee that the assembly of the roller together with the guides is carried out in such a way that neither the roller nor the guides are visible from the outer side (the roller is covered by the elevation). At the same one can only notice the revision panel from the inside part, through which all the conservation works are carried out. We also offer the roller shutter with the revision panel at the bottom side, which enables to build the roller shutter also from the inside. As a result the roller is completely invisible and is much more elegant.
The nice look of the roller shutter is also underlined by the PVC guides and bar in different Renolit colours or just simply white or brown. The alumunium armour, which is filled with thermal-insulated foam is available in dark brown, beige, light brown, brown, grey and silver.
Our company offers few solutions that ease the opening and closing of the rollers, i.e. manually with the special belt or crank handle or automatic with pilot or buttons. The choice of the best way is up to you!

Aluminium window rollers
The aluminium system of the external rollers has been created to ensure the highest safety of our customers. The system is dedicated for already constructed buildings. The roller shutter is being rolled-up to the aluminium box placed on the wall or in the frame. The box in that perfectly fits to the look of the building.
We offer you the system which is modern, functional and checked when to comes to the technical solutions. The perfect construction of the roller shutter is combined with the elegant and modern box as well as aluminium guide of a rounded shape. Thanks to this shaping you are able to get the individual look of every individual elevation.
The armour of the roller is built of aluminium profiles filled with the polyurethane foam that guarantees even better thermal insulation. The window rollers can be assembled to already existing windows or at the phase of the building construction. The second options means placement of the warmed box in the lintel of the window.
Similar as in case of PVC roller we offers few different solutions when it comes to the comfortable opening and closing of the rollers, i.e. manually with the belt or crank or automatically with the pilot or buttons.

  1. Boxes of the roller shade made of PVC available in a wide range of colors
  2. Steel reinforcement of the box
  3. Chamber structure of the elements of the box improves its stability and insulation
  4. Armour of the roller shade made of PVC and aluminium slats available in a wide range of colours
  5. Aluminium end slat with a rubber seal
  6. Drawer system- quick access to the roller shades mechanism makes the preservation very easy
  7. Adaptable profile enables the assembly of the roler shade on every type of windows type (PVC, Aluminium, Wood)
  8. Angle with self-adhesive tape, which seals the window with a roller shade
  9. Thermal insulation which heat insultaion coefficient amounts for k=1,1 W/m2K; k=0,6 W/m2k
Easy access to the interior of the roller shade which enables its clearing and preservation; revision flap of following types: comfort from the bottom
  • Wide range of the colours of the box and PVC guides , which guarantee an ideal adjustment to every type of the windows profile
  • End slat together with rubber seal guarantees proper work of the roller shade and proper seal for example with a internal profile
  • Various adaptable profiles and steel connector enables the assembly of the roller shade on every type of the PVC, aluminium and wood window