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MWindows not only manufactures PVC, wood and aluminium windows and doors, but is also a producer of composite glass.
It makes it possible to eliminate intermediaries who produce composite glasses and to achieve a very high quality through direct control over the production process. The glasses are manufactured solely of the float glass, which has the highest worldwide quality and shows no optical distortions.

Our offer includes construction glass of the following type:
  • float
  • termofloat
  • colorfloat
  • multifloat (safe, anti-burglary, bulletproof)
  • matofloat (anti-reflective)
  • ornament

Such a big choice of our range of products enables us to produce composite glass which is tailor-made to our customers' needs.

To its standard offer MWindows has added, for free, ComfortTherm Premium glass, which thermal insulation value amounts for U=1,0 according to the norm E-674 and which are built on the basis of Guardian ClimaGuard Premium glass.

Glass offered by MWindows does have qualifying certificates issued by Instytut Szkla i Ceramiki (Institute of Glass and Ceramics).

Window panes can be made of different kind of glass, which combind with thermo-frame decreases the loss of heat in comparison to traditional aluminium frames.

Antisol brown

Antisol green

Antisol blue

Safe glass

Safe glass low-e

Termofloat low-e

Reflektofloat brown

Float 6mm

Float 4mm

Anti-burglary glass






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