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In order to prolong the vitality of windows and doors as well as to make them look stylish one should apply appropriate maintenance measures, which include: the application of cleaning materials, seals maintenance, the process of oiling the hinges asd envelope hardware.

PVC windows and doors

Cleaning material destinated to PVC window and door frames should not damage in chemiacal or mechanical way the surfaces of the frames. It means, that the cleaning material cannot contain neither abrasive substances nor chemicals, which dissolve and infiltrate into PVC. The material should have perfect cleaning and degreasing properties and contain materials, which prevent from corrosion.
The usage of cleaning materials, which contain abrasive substances or chemical compounds can cause the tarnish of the frames surfaces and uprisng of micro holes, whereas the infiltrating dirth is not removable.

Wooden windows and doors

To ensure long-lasting quality of wooden windows, they should be regulary cleaned with the use of cleaning kit. It helps to prolong the renovation process of the windows. Windows should be cleaned both to make them look nice and clean as well as to make sure that the dirth does not damage their coat. Cleaning kit washes the surfaces in such a way, that it infiltrates deep into the wood, dries very fast and it can be diluted with water.

Aluminium windows

In spite of the fact, that aluminium windows look stylish , they also are endangered of corrosion. All types of corrosion can be caused by fumes. In order to prevent from this situation all dirth and dust should be removed, which means that it ought to be cleaned from the window frames. Surfaces which are just lightly dirty can be cleaned with a soft cloth, which is additionally wet with a mild washing substances. Window which is more dirty should be cleaned with special cleaning materials. One can also use special maintenance materials, which are also used to the body of a car. One can not use neither washing materials nor acids or acid substances as well as solvents and abrasive materials.

Hardware's maintenance guide

Following activities need to be organized at least once a year, so that balcony windows and doors function without reservation:
  • Those elements of the ferrules, which are assembled in the places, that have influecnce on the safety, need to be checked on regular basis. One have to make sure, that they are good and strong assembled. Moreover, the controlling process of their wear need to be conducted.
  • All movable parts of the ferrules have to be greased or oiled.
  • Only those materials can be used to clean windows and doors, which do not have negative influence on anti-corrosion coasts of the hardware.

Seals maintenance

The process of seals mainenance lies in putting a special securing material on their surface. The material should protect from atmospheric conditions and from freezing the seals to the profiles during the winter season. Appropriate materials, which include silicon resin meet those requirements.