About Us

MWindows is a well experienced company always garanteing customer satisfaction. We offer a wide range of windows, frames, exterior doors and sliding doors in PVC, wood and aluminum.
Through expert craftmanship, the highest quality materials and level of service we ensure our company’s status.
Each window and door is made to order, providing each customer with individual service and attention.
We will provide you with the highest level of expertise and assist you all the way with your renovation/contruction plans.

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Our advice:
New windows can increase the value as well as the entire look of your home.
New energy efficient windows and doors are crucial to maintain your home’s comfort all year long, especially during the coldest months. Replacing drafty windows and doors will help you save on your annually energie costs.

Our Brands

MWindows and Doors is part of the biggest factory in Poland, a family of window and door brands offering best-in-class solutions to meet the needs of the residential, replacement and commercial markets.

Our commitment to the environment shapes the way we design our products and operate our facilities. Learn how our focus on sustainability drives every decision we make as a company, from the way we build windows doors to the processes we employ to the power we use.