Very good thermal insulation parameters in attractive price, that allow much better to reduce heat losses in the flat.

  1. Innovative and unconventional design.
  2. High safety level guaranteed by two anti-burglary bolts in standard.
  3. Wide range of 43 veneer colours that enables numerous interior design styles.
  4. Very good thermal parameters that ensure heat saving thanks to optimal structure and the EPDM sealing.
  5. Good parameters in sound insulation that guarantee acoustic comfort.



5-chamber profiles of the frame and sash are made exclusively of prime material in A-class with installation depth 70 mm.


Glazing thicknesses up to 40 mm. One-chamber glass package with thermal transmittance Ug = 1,0 W/(m2K) according to the PN-EN674 norm in standard. The possibility to apply three-glass package with Ug= 0,6 W/(m2K);the possibility to apply glasses with enhanced sound insulation, tempered, safety, anti-burglary, ornament or solar protective.


MACO MULTI MATIC KS with two anti-burglary bolts in standard. Silber-Look coating and line-shaped concavities in espagnolette, optionally hinges hidden in the fitting notch; solutions in anti-burglary class RC 2 and RC 2N, window equipped with lifiting sash and handle missplacement blockage *, micro-ventilation in a slot **.

*Depending on the window height 
**for tilt and turn windows